The global project

to monitor water pollution

Floating sensor for water pollution analysis

WellCheck boxes rendering

WellCheck technology works with two boxes: a floater and an antenna, which communicate with each other.

The floater is to be placed at the bottom of the wells to send the water measurements to the antenna. The latter has a LED so people know if the water is polluted, turning green or red.

What we measure :

- Total suspended solids / water clarity
- Chemical oxygen demand
- pH level
- Water temperature
Meet the team
Water pollution LED status
Works with wells up to 20 meters deep
Quick installation
Long autonomy, long range

This project is realized as part of the Hacking House, the incubation program by Sigfox

WellCheck partenered with the Sigfox Foundation to have a real impact on the water pollution problem all around the world. Under the Hacking House program, the Sigfox Foundation enables us to make this project turn real.

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